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TV ContentsWelcome to TV Contents, your one-stop guide to the history, development, and social effects of television and TV programming! Television has been, and will likely be in the foreseeable future, one of the most popular, widely accessible forms of media, serving as a primary source for both news and entertainment for a massive audience all around the world.

Television has had a rich and interesting history, since the invention of the first black-and-white commercial TV sets in the 1930s. It can safely be said that it was one of the most groundbreaking and influential inventions of all of human history. There are many scholars, specializing in the social, political and psychological effects of television programming on individuals and groups of people. Some of them have pointed out some allegedly negative effects of widespread violence and TV contents intended for mature audiences, both in terms of individual behavior and child development, as well as bringing about profound and unprecedented changes in family and social dynamics.

TV technologies have also advanced tremendously since their earliest forms, and these technological innovations encompass both hardware and forms of transmission (e.g., the contemporary shift away from analog to digital signals). TV programming has also widely diversified, with thousands and thousands of different channels, some local, others reaching across borders and even continents; with content that includes virtually everything from news and public affairs programming to popular TV series, music channels, and movies old and new.

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